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Communication4All is a Coffs Harbour based speech and language therapy practice led by Rachel Kilbourne (BSc Honours Speech & Language Therapy & Pathology).


We specialise in providing training for parents and professionals and speech and language therapy services for children and adults in the mid north coast. We have clinics in Coffs Harbour and Macksville but will happily see clients in other locations such as schools or their homes.


Our mission is to enable each and every client to reach their communication potential.  We strive to achieve this by supporting clients to understand their needs, providing individualised therapy and programs, utilising our extensive clinical expertise and training. If you would like to discuss your needs please do not hesitate to contact us.




Training at a Key Word Signing
(formerly known as Makaton) workshop.
Using play to develop communication skills



What is a Speech Pathologist?


A speech pathologist has been trained to assess and treat people who have a communication disability. Speech pathologists complete a degree at university which encompasses all aspects of communication including speech, language, writing, reading, signs, symbols and gestures. Speech pathologists also work with people who have difficulties swallowing food and drink. Speech pathologists or speech-language pathologists were formerly known as speech therapists.


Why do we need Speech Pathologists?


Communication – the process of being able to understand and to be understood – is something most of us take for granted. Communication disabilities are the result of problems with speech, using and understanding language, voice, fluency, hearing, or reading and writing. One in seven Australians has some form of communication disability. This means that one in seven people has a problem understanding other people or being understood by people.


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We offer training for parents, carers and professionals in the following areas please click the link below for more information about our training workshops and how you can enrol register online. 





How to Contact Us

PO Box 585,Bellingen
NSW 2454, Australia

E: communication4All@westnet.com.au

M: 0413 440 457

Rachel Kilbourne - (BSC Honours Speech & Language Therapy & Pathology)
Rachel Kilbourne BSc Honours
Speech & Language Therapy & Pathology


PCYC, 74 Bray Street, Coffs Harbour



Welcome to our new web site


We hope our new web site helps you learn more about our Speech Pathology Services and training Workshops.


Please do not hesitate to contact me by Phone: 0413 440 457 or via our contact page if you want to discuss your requirements further.

Training Schedule

Key word sign workshop

  • 4th March 2014 (full)
    Thursday 15th May 2014


  • Visual support workshop

Please contact us if interested



Employment with us

If you would like to join our team, please contact Rachel Kilbourne on 0413440457.